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Currency Mint


Our blockchain is designed so that each coin has its own individual separate cryptographic chain. Similar to a DNA strand, our blockchain keeps evolving as the coins are moved around from user to user.

Minting of the Coin

We designed a specialized computer to mint up to one billion coins using a technique called quantum entropy. This computer is never connected to the internet and is destroyed upon completion of generating these coins. Therefore, making it impossible to replicate or counterfeit coins.

User obtains coin

Before a user receives coins from the vault they undergo a separate verification system (KYC Database) to ensure that individuals are not using our coin to launder money or commit fraud. Once the user obtains the coin from our treasury vault the DNA strand begins to evolve recording every transaction that is made.

User Management

Use our powerful online platform to manage all coins within the ecosystem. Design how you want to dispense coins from the treasury and have the ability to track all activity as well as blacklisting users and/or coins for illicit activities. Use the portal to set up different authentication requirements for your users.

Distributed Ledger

Due to the uniqueness of our blockchain solution, we have eliminated the need for a distributed ledger. Due to this advancement in technology, our blockchain file size will never grow too large.

Cold Storage Treasury Vault

Once the coins are minted, they are sent through a proprietary verification system in which all serial numbers are recorded to prevent counterfeiting. After the verification process, they are moved into a cold storage treasury vault.

Actual Possession

You can easily take your coins offline and store them in any medium of your choosing (CD, Floppy Disk, USB Drive, local computer storage). This eliminates the need for a distributed ledger and prevents double spending, both of which are
the two largest problems with traditional cryptocurrencies.

Identity Management

Every user has a premium built-in identity management system designed to keep funds safe. If a user is logged into an account and a transfer of funds was made from a different device, all accounts are immediately logged out. Additionally, funds can be rolled back into an account upon providing proof of fraudulent activity.