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Investment Options


ll coins that pass through our STO service have been verified and have passed our rigorous qualifications to maximize their chances of providing higher returns. We refuse to support a coin that has significant potential of losing our investor’s capital.

Our clients and investors are our main priority. By using our premier Crypto Bank as the foundation, we can provide solutions to developers, entrepreneurs, investors and much more. All solutions are tailored to your unique financial needs.

We have a three-tiered approach that allows us to identify each individual and then provide the solution that works best for them. Each one is designed to utilize the amount of capital on hand while maximizing their returns. There are many different resources available for use including our private bank, our crypto bank, blockchain generation technology, marketing services, and more.

Different Solutions

Our Option A Investment Program includes working directly with our private Crypto Bank. We provide many different solutions to assist in protecting possessions, acquiring additional capital by securitizing assets, obtaining loans at the lowest interest rates and more.

Crypto Bank is the premier solution for asset protection and financial services. We only provide this solution for individuals that have over 10 million CHF.

Tax Advantages
Asset Protection
Pass Property to Heirs

Our bank provides flexible resources allowing you to fund any cryptocurrency project now and into the future. We give you the ability to create financial instruments by securitizing your assets – bring other investors into your projects to reduce your exposure and work with those closest to you.

Harness the power of a foundation to protect assets from debtors, frivolous lawsuits, unscrupulous individuals, market fluctuations and more.

Other advantages of working with our Crypto Bank:

  • Leverage assets by 10x
  • Create multiple SPVs to conduct business across the globe
  • Use a holding company to protect and control all SPVs
  • Insure financial instruments to limit downside
  • Acquire loans at the most favorable rates

Our Option B Investment Opportunity allows individuals with over 1 million CHF in assets to directly partake in all our upcoming STO’s. We will provide you with all upcoming opportunities in the form of a newsletter. In addition, we will allow you to partake in our Option A investors capital raising through their Financial Instruments.

Securitized Asset Offerings
Advisory services
Illiquid markets

By partaking in the Option B Investment Program, we already know that you are an accredited investor and can present to you all our upcoming STO’s. We prefer to not open our funding to the outside world, but rather keep it within a closed circle of trusted individuals so that we can all continue to make money.

Other advantages of the Option B Investment Program:

  • Participation in a lucrative market
  • Minimal regulatory filings
  • Involvement in cutting edge technologies
  • Become involved with the development of coins
  • Bring your resources to the table to increase returns

Our Option C Investment Program is for individuals who want to become directly involved in developing an STO. We will reward you with coins for all projects you are directly involved in. We have many opportunities for you to bring your unique services to the table as we are constantly receiving applications from companies that want to launch an STO.

Wide variety of coins
Need for unique resources

We are always looking for individuals that can bring a unique perspective or skill to the table when it comes to creating asset-backed securitized tokens. By working with the Option C Investment Program, we also extend the opportunity for a first right of refusal to purchase tokens at the same time as our investors within Option A & B.

Skills we are looking for:

  • Advanced blockchain development
  • Project management and operational administration
  • Marketing, graphic design, web development
  • Systems integration and cloud engineering
  • Data analytics and microservice developmet

Actual Possession


We have developed a specialized database that grows like a DNA strand tracking each transaction between individuals as well as important metadata to utilize in predictive analytics. This advancement enables actual possession instead of custodial possession.


Upon putting your money in the bank, you only have custodial possession of it. You can access your money, but the bank is possessing your money. The only thing comparable to actual possession is holding cash. You can transfer it easily and once you spend it, it is gone.

Actual Possession

Easily take coins offline and store them in any medium of your choosing (CD, Floppy Disk, USB Drive, local computer storage). This eliminates the need for a distributed ledger and prevents double spending, both of which are the two largest problems with cryptocurrencies.

Become one of our selective investors, we are extremely selective on who we bring on.
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